Munich Workstyle Virtual Offices

The professional representation for your company is what counts. At Munich Workstyle you do not need a full time office in order to be fully accessible to your clients. Our team provides a professional frontline to your business partners, in a prime business location, handling the day-to-day details leaving you to concentrate on running your business.

You choose what you want, what your company needs to meet its business objectives:

  • Virtual Office – Your company location without a full-time office.

  • Virtual Office Value – Your Virtual Office with occasional need for full-time office.

  • Post Service – Your company business address with mail handling.

  • Telefon Service – Your professional and human voice, making you reachable by clients and customers.


Whatever you choose, enjoy the advantages of a Munich Workstyle Virtual Office solution:

  • Your company address in the Heart of Munich

  • Professional presentation of your company – even without a full-time office

  • Dedicated Telephone number professionally answered in your company name.

  • Call handling and forwarding as you request

  • Post- and Fax service forwarded as you request

  • 24/7-Voice mailbox

See the Virtual Offices options here