Virtual Office – Options


Virtual Office

Your business requires a professional business representation, being accessible to clients at all times, but do not require physical office space.  Munich Workstyle Virtual Office is your company seat in the very heart of Munich; A priceless advantage at a fair price.


Virtual Office Value

You use all of the services and advantages of the Munich Workstyle Virtual Office; but you also require periodic use of physical office space, meeting room facilities or additional support services. Munich Workstyle Virtual Office Value includes all the services of Munich Workstyle Virtual Office, plus free use of our physical offices 5 days per month (subject to availability) and access to all other center services.


Post Service

Your company needs a business address that projects a standard of professionalism. Use the Munich Workstyle Post Service address as your business address.  Your post will be received and handled by our professional staff in a manner established by you, held for personnel collection or forwarded to a location of your choice.


Telefon Service

Tired of having telephone answering machines representing your company to your clients? Your company now has a voice – Munich Workstyle Telephone Service. During normal business hours, our professional staff answers your phone calls in your company name. We handle the calls in the manner established by you, forwarding the call directly to a number of your choice or providing the information to you via email or SMS.

But of course the call forwarding to your main number is possible – according to your wishes.

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